About us


We are world leaders in B2C online sales of branded clothing and fashion accessories.

We are LUXETTEFASHION.COM and this is our story.

The store specializes in luxury clothing from big names in the fashion world worldwide, deciding to organize and put under our umbrella an online exhibition from a collection of the biggest known and selected brands with bags, dresses, shoes and accessories from a wide range of glasses , wallets, watches and children's clothes. We've been developing deep experience in the fashion world and innovative logistics solutions, making the most of the full potential of online sales and digital transformation.


Our warehouse is one of the best stocked in the fashion world: more than 500,000 products available for instant delivery: clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories from all of the best brands.


Technology, fashion, excellence in logistics and distribution.

These characterize our work, executed with rapidity, flexibility, and passion. A unique experience that makes us the reference point for the b2c fashion market,The luxettefashion.com mission is to always be on the forefront of current fashion trends so that our girls are always the happiest and best dressed for all occasions.We have been servicing our fan / customer base, via the internet social media platforms, for the past five years and our goal is to continue to provide our inspiration internationally, for the long term. 

The luxettefashion.com  focus is on servicing our customers with utmost care, love, speed and respect.